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The Benefits of Installing Vertical Conveyors at Your Distribution Center

verticon vertical conveyorWhen you are looking to expand your distribution center, or simply want to maximize your productivity, the first thing you should consider is replacing your floor-mounted conveyors with vertical conveyors. A vertical conveyor lift can go a long way towards expanding your production.

No Need to Move

If you are looking to expand your operations, you may be looking into a new facility. By installing vertical conveyors, you can grow your business without moving to a larger facility. By taking advantage of vertical space, you can maximize your productivity while keeping costs low. Avoiding the expenditure that would come with a new facility is a huge reason why vertical conveyors are so practical.

Add Additional Aisle Space

Moving from floor-mounted conveyors to vertical conveyors frees up space on the floor for forklifts and personnel to move about the distribution center. This creates a much safer environment for forklift users and gives other staff the necessary space to navigate the facility while forklifts are operating.

Tie Multiple Floors Together

If your distribution center utilizes multiple floors, vertical conveyors are a great way to tie those levels together. You will be able to move product between levels efficiently and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Move Odd-Sized Products

A vertical conveyor will be able to move top-heavy or odd-sized products where an incline conveyor fails. If you work with products that are difficult to move because of the shape or weight distribution, you should consider vertical conveyors.

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