Benefits and Functions of the Model “RC” Automated Pallet Lift

model rc straddle pallet liftWhen you need to move loads between mezzanines and floors, you trust Verticon’s vertical conveyors. For heavy-duty continuous usage, there is no better pallet lift than the Model “RC” Automated Pallet Lift. There are a variety of benefits to using this model of pallet elevator lift for your automated material handling.

Electric Chain-Driven-Live-Roller Conveyor

The Model RC utilizes an electric chain-driven-live-roller conveyor or drag-chain conveyor to automatically load and unload the lift at multiple levels. It is usually automated with infeed and discharge conveyors as well so that the entire process is automated.

Heavy-Duty Continuous Usage

We use only name-brand components: Sumitomo® for the drive motors, and Allen-Bradley® for controls. This way we can guarantee consistent quality for our products. For continuous, heavy-duty usage, you need a machine like the Model RC that can stand up to the challenge.

Product Flow

The Model RC is available in the four-post or straddle design. The conveyor carriage is brought up and down between two centered structural steel “H” beams. This allows a “C” and “Z” product flow to be achieved.

Customizable Size

Standard integral conveyors for this model are designed around a standard 40” x 48” pallet, but you can choose larger or smaller conveyors depending on your needs. You can also customize the capacities of your units.


The Sumitomo Drive System and all Verticon manufactured parts come with a full three-year warranty including buy-out parts.

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