Benefits of the Cobra Series Continuous Vertical Conveyor

cobra continuous vertical conveyorContinuous vertical conveyors are designed to handle higher throughputs, making it ideal for businesses who handle too much product for a reciprocating vertical conveyor. The Cobra Continuous Vertical Conveyor has a lot of attractive features that can help you take advantage of your vertical space.


These continuous vertical conveyors are custom-designed to suit the applications and specifications you require. This includes:

  • Flexible Lifting from 10 to 30 Cycles per Minute
  • Custom Capacities of up to 150 Pounds per Flight
  • Modular Frame Design for Lifting to Heights of up to 20 Feet


Another thing the Cobra Continuous Conveyor is known for is efficiency. By making use of vertical space, the Cobra has a small footprint, but a high throughput, meaning you can truly maximize your space. It also comes with a variety of features for efficiency, including:

  • Efficient Drive Motor with a 3-Year Unlimited Use Warranty
  • Infeed and Discharge Conveyors for Complete Automation
  • Matched and Stretched Chains for Smooth Operation
  • Chain Designed to Ensure Proper Alignment


The Cobra Continuous Vertical Conveyor complies with ANSI B20.1 conveyor codes. It is also guarded on all sides and uses safety tunnels for added protection.

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