Benefits of the Cobra Series Continuous Vertical Conveyor

cobra continuous vertical conveyorContinuous vertical conveyors are designed to handle higher throughputs, making it ideal for businesses who handle too much product for a reciprocating vertical conveyor. The Cobra Continuous Vertical Conveyor has a lot of attractive features that can help you take advantage of your vertical space.


These continuous vertical conveyors are custom-designed to suit the applications and specifications you require. This includes:

  • Flexible Lifting from 10 to 30 Cycles per Minute
  • Custom Capacities of up to 150 Pounds per Flight
  • Modular Frame Design for Lifting to Heights of up to 20 Feet


Another thing the Cobra Continuous Conveyor is known for is efficiency. By making use of vertical space, the Cobra has a small footprint, but a high throughput, meaning you can truly maximize your space. It also comes with a variety of features for efficiency, including:

  • Efficient Drive Motor with a 3-Year Unlimited Use Warranty
  • Infeed and Discharge Conveyors for Complete Automation
  • Matched and Stretched Chains for Smooth Operation
  • Chain Designed to Ensure Proper Alignment


The Cobra Continuous Vertical Conveyor complies with ANSI B20.1 conveyor codes. It is also guarded on all sides and uses safety tunnels for added protection.

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Benefits and Functions of the Model “RC” Automated Pallet Lift

model rc straddle pallet liftWhen you need to move loads between mezzanines and floors, you trust Verticon’s vertical conveyors. For heavy-duty continuous usage, there is no better pallet lift than the Model “RC” Automated Pallet Lift. There are a variety of benefits to using this model of pallet elevator lift for your automated material handling.

Electric Chain-Driven-Live-Roller Conveyor

The Model RC utilizes an electric chain-driven-live-roller conveyor or drag-chain conveyor to automatically load and unload the lift at multiple levels. It is usually automated with infeed and discharge conveyors as well so that the entire process is automated.

Heavy-Duty Continuous Usage

We use only name-brand components: Sumitomo® for the drive motors, and Allen-Bradley® for controls. This way we can guarantee consistent quality for our products. For continuous, heavy-duty usage, you need a machine like the Model RC that can stand up to the challenge.

Product Flow

The Model RC is available in the four-post or straddle design. The conveyor carriage is brought up and down between two centered structural steel “H” beams. This allows a “C” and “Z” product flow to be achieved.

Customizable Size

Standard integral conveyors for this model are designed around a standard 40” x 48” pallet, but you can choose larger or smaller conveyors depending on your needs. You can also customize the capacities of your units.


The Sumitomo Drive System and all Verticon manufactured parts come with a full three-year warranty including buy-out parts.

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Electrical Vs. Hydraulic Vertical Conveyors

electric vertical conveyorWhen designing your pallet elevator lift system, it is important to consider the characteristics of the kinds of loads your facility must handle. To that end, how your conveyors and lifts receive power can affect the size, power requirements, and efficiency of your facility. There are two popular options for vertical lift conveyors: hydraulic and electric power. Learn the key difference between these two below and find the right configuration for your facility.

Hydraulic Conveyors

Vertical lifts using hydraulic power use pressurized liquid to convert energy into locomotion and torque. Hydraulic conveyor systems are powerful and can perform many heavy duty applications. However, there is a key drawback: cleanup and maintenance.

Hydraulic motors require a liquid and the concept of fluid dynamics to operate the lift’s motor. These systems require separate assemblies to store and distribute the liquid. As a consequence, motors using liquid are prone to leaks and spillage. This can make work floors appear messy, and the presence of liquid on the floor can pose a safety hazard.

Electric Conveyors

Electric-powered conveyor lifts incorporate an electric motor, which uses the power to generate mechanical energy. Since the motor relies on a power source, these systems are almost entirely self-contained and do not require the storage of potentially hazardous liquids.

Also, electric-powered conveyors can be programmed to change output as needed, allowing the motor to adapt to a variety of different load types and weights. Electric pallet lifts have a smaller footprint than hydraulic options since their conveyance mechanism is simply composed of an electric hoist. The result is a space-efficient lift area that is easier to clean and maintain.

Design your new pallet lift configuration with confidence and consider an electric conveyor. Reach out to a vertical conveyor contractor and request an estimate for design and assembly services.

How Do Continuous Vertical Conveyors Work?

continuous vertical conveyor diagramWhen designing a facility, it is essential to consider how much space you need, including how you might use it. By investing in continuous vertical conveyors, you can get the most out of your facility’s available space, while also making it more efficient. Learn more about this system below and arrange a consultation with a manufacturer to optimize your current conveyor system.

A “continuous vertical conveyor” transports items from one level onto another one. The basic operation involves products entering the unit horizontally, getting lifted vertically, and discharged to the new level horizontally.

A belt feed system in the unit allows products to enter and exit the conveyor uniformly. Best of all, these operations are continuous. Through automation technology, there is minimal supervision required from an operator.

Save Space and Make Your Facility Safer

Vertical conveyor systems are available in different configurations, allowing products to move from one part of the facility to another in an efficient manner. The primary advantage of vertical systems is that they leave a small “footprint” within the facility. In other words, it is possible to position several vertical conveyor units on top of or beside each other, depending on your needs. Popular assemblies include the “Z” and “C” patterns, allowing conveyor systems to change direction and level to optimize space.

The vertical conveyor system is an excellent choice for packing and shipping facilities, as it frees up space on the operations floor to install equipment for other processes. Verticon also provides a variety of accessories and parts to make the system safer and more efficient, including photo-eyes, guarding, and workstations.

By working with a dedicated vertical conveyor contractor, you can design and install a system that best meets the needs of your facility. Get in touch with Verticon and request a consultation for a continuous, or other types of vertical conveyors.

The Benefits of Installing Vertical Conveyors at Your Distribution Center

verticon vertical conveyorWhen you are looking to expand your distribution center, or simply want to maximize your productivity, the first thing you should consider is replacing your floor-mounted conveyors with vertical conveyors. A vertical conveyor lift can go a long way towards expanding your production.

No Need to Move

If you are looking to expand your operations, you may be looking into a new facility. By installing vertical conveyors, you can grow your business without moving to a larger facility. By taking advantage of vertical space, you can maximize your productivity while keeping costs low. Avoiding the expenditure that would come with a new facility is a huge reason why vertical conveyors are so practical.

Add Additional Aisle Space

Moving from floor-mounted conveyors to vertical conveyors frees up space on the floor for forklifts and personnel to move about the distribution center. This creates a much safer environment for forklift users and gives other staff the necessary space to navigate the facility while forklifts are operating.

Tie Multiple Floors Together

If your distribution center utilizes multiple floors, vertical conveyors are a great way to tie those levels together. You will be able to move product between levels efficiently and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Move Odd-Sized Products

A vertical conveyor will be able to move top-heavy or odd-sized products where an incline conveyor fails. If you work with products that are difficult to move because of the shape or weight distribution, you should consider vertical conveyors.

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