Misc. Prefabricated Steel Structures


When providing facilities which embody the Vertical Concept, we are sometimes confronted with the need for a variety of prefabricated steel structures not neatly categorized as “mezzanines.” They are none-the-less important to implementing the concept.

Our team provides a “catch-all” for miscellaneous steel structures. Some of these structures Verticon will design, engineer, and build, while others may be more appropriately procured from our trusted partners. We constantly make “make or buy” decisions based on what is best and most cost-effective for our customers. We provide you with the best steel structures to seamlessly integrate with your automated material handling equipment.

We produce or provide a wide variety of steel structures, including a variety of racks, AS/RS structures, risers, work platforms, supports, towers, gantries, walkways, safety ladders, machine guarding/access, fixtures, and in some cases rack-supported prefab buildings. We provide everything you need to facilitate the Vertical Concept.