Prefab Buildings and Facilities


All Verticon services and products, along with those provided by our trusted partners, now culminate in the ability to provide customers with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment facilities which fully embody the vertical concept.

For many years, Verticon vertical conveyors have been used to allow access to a building’s “air rights” – the space above everyone’s heads. Within most facilities, this is just open space that must be maintained, heated, and air-conditioned but that is virtually empty and contributes nothing of value to the facility. These types of facilities usually sprawl because all of the processes within the facility take place on the main floor, thus requiring more floor space than is necessary.

These facilities also exist because engineers are simply used to designing such sprawling facilities. It is much easier to develop in two dimensions, length and width, than three. They also look impressive and, in many cases, there are financial incentives for architects and engineers to promote such wasteful facilities. When you actually look at the bottom line, however, you start to see the flaws.

We understand the value of a dollar. Our philosophy is to apply every dollar we receive to achieve the highest return on investment for our customers. We work to add maximum value to your enterprise, and that is what the Vertical Concept does when properly applied to facilities.

How are our facilities, designed around the Vertical Concept, characterized? These prefab buildings possess the following characteristics:

  • Small Footprints
  • High Side Walls/Ceilings
  • Tiered Internal Structures

These prefabricated steel structures are lean, green, and wholly integrated. They are specifically designed to achieve maximum output using minimal floor space. Studies show that these facilities can be up to 40% cheaper to build, operate, maintain, and upgrade over the years.

Verticon, functioning as General Contractor, and our trusted and highly-skilled partners are anxious to provide your organization its next facility. If you would like to discuss such a turnkey project, please contact us.