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Safe, Simple, and Reliable Vertical Conveyors

Improve the operations at your facility by depending on Verticon for safe, simple, and reliable vertical conveyors. Our company has been a leading provider of vertical conveyors, material lifts, and other accessories and controls. We have an excellent reputation for building high-quality equipment that lasts for decades and requires very little maintenance.

Standard, Customized and Custom Vertical Conveyors

Sold globally, our products are designed to improve material handling for factories and production facilities. The Verticon name is synonymous with "high-value" lift conveyors. We have provided installations for the following clients:

General Electric©
International Paper©

Continental Teves
Automation Direct
Rockwell Collins©

RVM Management Corp.
Reno Toyota©
Lanai Market
Callaway Golf

U.S. Naval Observatory
And many other end-users

Material Lifts for Improved Efficiency

Make your job easier with material lifts. Our lifts are easy to install and operate. Most importantly, they get the job done. Our units are capable of lifting many thousands of pounds if required. When you need to transport heavy material from one place to another, you need a pallet handling or case handling vertical material lift. These lifts can move your products up to 300 feet per minute (FPM) or more.


About Our Vertical Conveyor Manufacturing Company

Our company has a long-standing history of providing well-built and reliable equipment. We are known throughout the industry for our top-quality products at competitive prices. Whether you are an end-user, material handling consultants, industry guru, systems integrator, or general lines material handling distributor, you can depend on us for the equipment you need.

Verticon Distributor Program

If you would like to let your customers know that you distribute our products, contact us for more information. We welcome you to become an authorized Verticon distributor. Rest assured, we will never sell direct or source your lead through anyone but you.

Save more money on our products by contacting us for more information about our Dealer Loyalty Program.